A Collection of Body Parts: Efficient Digital Art-making

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I have a collection of body parts. No, they’re not from murder victims. They’re different parts of the body which I painted or sketched on different layers. I did them on Sketchbook Pro (Autodesk), my favorite of the six or … Continued

Eating and Food Shopping Parisian Style —Patisseries

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When in Paris, de-stress by going food shopping Parisian style. Berkeley, Paris, and Florence are cities where shopping can be an experience. In Berkeley, we’re lucky to live where world-class food shops exist. Shops that assume the air of venerated … Continued

Strasbourg — Hybrid City

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The French have been obsessed with a national identity. Maybe, more than other Europeans. This obsession has fueled attempts to keep the French language ‘pure’ and the national cuisine unalloyed by outside influences. But, then, there is the Strasbourgeois, inhabitants … Continued

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